Beautiful Wedding Flowers Guildford

With over 30 years of experience in wedding floristry for almost 3,000 weddings (UK wide, but many around Guildford), Nicole at Wild Thyme has a creative and adaptable style to ensure that the flowers for your special day are exactly what you dreamed of. Nicole uses her time and expertise to make each design as individual as you are, complimenting the overall theme of your wedding – whether it’s a small and intimate affair or a much larger event.

Working within venues all over London and the south east of England and especially for weddings around Guildford and Surrey, Nicole is happy to arrange visits to the church and reception venue to give on-the-spot advice on how to make the most of your wedding flowers, ensuring a unique result with maximum impact.

So whether your preference is for an elegant sheaf of white lilies, a small posy of ‘country’ flowers or a huge natural trailing bouquet, contact Nicole for a consultation at the location of your choice – where she will be happy to give you her time, advice and most importantly listen to your ideas.

What to expect

A wedding is an incredible event that needs lots of planning. To give you total control over your special day Nicole has created this ‘what to expect’ section which lists a chronology of ‘floral’ events.  The first thing to do is get in touch and arrange a consultation.  From your first visit you will start to benefit from Nicole’s personal enthusiasm, her wealth of experience and knowledge and dedication for her profession. Expect to thoroughly enjoy this part of your wedding planning. Take the first steps and pick up the phone.

Initial meeting/consultation

If you would like to bring your fiancé, bridesmaid, mum or friend with you, then that is just fine!

You will be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee in the pretty Wild Thyme Flowers studio, and will then be able to browse through Nicole’s extensive portfolio of wedding work.  There is plenty of time to listen to any ideas and preferences you may already have. If you have a picture of your dress, marquee plans (if applicable), or colour swatches, then please do bring them along, as it all helps to build a picture of your expectations for the special day.

Nicole knows which questions to ask to enable her to give appropriate advice, ideas and suggestions regarding flower availability, colours, containers, styles, designs and of course costings.

With over 30 years creating wedding flowers in and around Surrey, Nicole is familiar with many local churches and wedding venues and will be able to give ideas and advice on how best to use beautiful flowers to enhance your chosen venue. Your wedding will be totally bespoke.


Following your consultation, Nicole will provide a comprehensive quotation itemising all of your requirements. This will be accompanied by information regarding booking and payment details. At this stage, if you have any questions, then just give Nicole a call. She is always happy to chat things through.


It’s easy to book your special day with Wild Thyme Flowers.  Just send written confirmation accompanied by your deposit as outlined in your quotation.

Getting to know you!

Nicole enjoys building a rapport wth her brides and encourages frequent contact so please feel free to call with any questions you may have. A new file is opened for each Wild Thyme wedding in order to create a concise point of reference for the special day. A new file is opened for each Wild Thyme wedding and brides are encouraged to provide pictures, fabric swatches, ribbons, stationery samples etc in order to build an overall picture of what will make your perfect day.

Visiting the Venue

Nicole encourages a visit to your church/reception venue to give on the spot advice on how to make the most of your Wild Thyme wedding flowers. This ensures a unique result with maximum impact – castles and country houses may be enhanced by large elaborate displays, whereas smaller boutique venues may be brought to life by  smaller but expertly chosen designs.  Marquees and village halls are often a blank canvass and offer an opportunity to be really creative.

If you are using a wedding planner, then this is often a good opportunity to introduce them.  Following our site visit, if appropriate, a second/updated quotation will be provided.

4 Weeks before the Big Day

Obviously there will be communication between the first meetings and this point as necessary to ensure we have everything lined up for your perfect wedding.  However, 4 weeks before we will meet again!

All details for the flowers – contents, varieties, colours, quantities, delivery details, trimmings etc are all finalised.  Any questions are discussed and answered and any slight adjustments will be made.  A final update and invoice is then sent to you.

3 Weeks before the Big Day

  • Nicole will order all your wedding flowers from her suppliers in Holland.
  • Nicole will contact and liase with the church / wedding venue regarding logistics-setting up, timing and delivery details.

2 Weeks before the Big Day

Final payment is due by cheque, bank transfer or debit card.

The Week Before

Nicole will write a time plan and work list for her (and her staff) to use in the Wild Thyme Studio to ensure everything is organised and runs smoothly.

4am…A Few Days Before

Your flowers arrive from Holland and are met by Nicole who carefully checks for quality, quantity and colour.  The flowers are then conditioned, put in water and then placed in a cool dark storage room to have a lovely drink before being arranged.

2 Days Before

Nicole gathers and prepares all of the containers and sundries to be used. She also checks / confirms the delivery times with the church / wedding venue.

The Day Before

At around 4:30am, Nicole starts work with the flowers to create wonderful designs for your wedding.

The Big Day and Delivery to the Venue(s)

How exciting!!  This is where all the careful planning and care comes to fruition.

Items here will vary according to logistics, venue rules, time of your wedding, distances and of course the temperature! But, all of these items will be discussed in advance and Nicole will liase with the appropriate people and organise delivery accordingly. You do not need to worry!

In order to ensure the flowers are perfectly fresh, your wedding bouquet and buttonholes are usually made early on the ‘am’ of your wedding day so another 4:30am start for Nicole!  No problem though, as the birds are up and singing outside the Wild Thyme Studio and there is always a hot cup of tea on the worktop.

Nicole arrives as previously arranged, with the most beautiful Wild Thyme wedding bouquet created especially for you.  Nicole also spends time showing you how to hold your wedding bouquet to best effect and will of course help to pin buttonholes and corsages on the correct side (!) on the appropriate people.